Are all women bi curious?

Are all women bi curious? This is often asked by men who are new to LGBT knowledge, especially bisexual related ones. Men are shocked about there are so many bi curious women compared with men. Some say that most women are either bisexuals, bi curious, or lesbians and there are no strictly straight women. 

Are all women bi curious?

The answer is absolutely not, but the truth is that there are many women curious about having sexual contact with another woman. If you are a woman, think about that whether you will get aroused by watching those seduced women with hot bodies. You will find it is right to say that 80% of women will show a biological response of sexual stimulation to images of women. It’s not a lesbian chat but a truth about heterosexual women.

Researchers have discovered that when it comes to what makes women tick, they are either bi curious or gay. Overall, 77 percent of participants were stimulated by both genders, with 65 percent of straight women responding favorably to both genders, but lesbians responded more positively to their preferred women. 

According to a psychologist at Boise State University, heterosexual women often feel more than friendliness toward other women. Moreover, the study conducted in California shows that 50 percent of heterosexual women have kissed a woman, 60 percent have fantasized about women, and 70 percent have indicated some sensual attraction toward women. The data shows that women are more likely to be attracted to other women. 

Suppose you go to a bisexual chat room or another bi curious related group on Reddit. You will also find out the similar result. In those singles and couples who have threesome or foursome swing experience, most women are happy to have sexual contact with other women, and they are not lesbians. A wife of the married couple would not reject licking another woman in an MFF threesome hookup. And it is the same in the group sex, such as a foursome swing

As bi curious women control their behavior subconsciously, they are unaware of it. Despite everything they do, this fact is buried so deeply within their unconscious that they can never even consider looking in another direction. As a result, they may vehemently protest against homosexuality or bisexuality. There is a strong social stigma associated with homosexuality that makes bisexuality challenging to locate. Therefore, even when they feel homosexual, some people continue to live heterosexual lives while secretly practicing homosexuality.

There is no clear statement that all women are bi curious; however, a few of them are bi curious is a natural and inherent trait, but society doesn’t allow them to express this trait openly and freely. 

What women do sexually is much more influenced by cultural as well as possibly economic and political factors. It is believed that the bi curious dating behavior is much higher in the U.S. than in any other country.

This situation could clearly have serious ramifications. It’s human nature, ambiguity makes us uncomfortable. In other words, anything unfamiliar to us turns into something demonic. In general, society denies bisexuality. In light of this, discussing bisexuality is blasphemous. If you refer to negative societal repercussions, the rational mind might try to avoid this reality. 

And those study about bi curious women only shows that a large percentage of women have the potential to be bisexual under a more supportive cultural environment in recent years. We’ve seen some similar things with men. Most Roman emperors were bisexual or homosexual in that cultural context for example. A lot of behavior in this area is determined by young adult experiences. 

It’s nothing important. If you are bi curious singles, just find more in the bisexual chat rooms. There are so many bisexual dating sites on which these bi curious singles can do bisexual chat and LGBT chat to know each other and they also engage in bi curious dating and lesbian dating.

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