Why so many Bisexual Men Keep themselves in the Closet?

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We all know that bisexuality is a contentious issue for the remaining people. There seems to be massive confusion regarding the topic of bisexuality in both the straight and gay communities. There are bisexual men who’d rather be identified as straight or gays to avoid being bisexuals. And we often hear about “gay men” who occasionally date with women and “straight men” who occasionally date with men. So why so many closeted bisexual people, especially bisexual men? Members at our bi curious sites sometimes talk about this topic.

Many people, including gays and lesbians, have negative perceptions of bisexual people by labeling them “confused” and “experimental.” This is also the mainstream thought that others think about bisexual. They always think that bisexual men are just on their road to be gay men. But it is not true. Some bisexual people believe the reason for this is that bisexuals often make gays and lesbians feel less secure about their places in society. Bisexuals are not confused and not greedy. They are a combination of straight and gay.

Another mainstream thought about bisexual men is the statement that they are all bad person and will cheat. They have no reason to conform to society telling they are bad or unhealthy etc. People think them in that way because there are so many articles or blog posts out there about bisexual men cheating on their wives. Bisexual people do love both genders but that doesn’t mean that when they are with one, they are thinking looking, or wanting the other.

Some bisexual men said they kept it a secret about their true sexual orientations due to the fear of criticism and ridicule by their peers. They worried their girlfriends or wives would have “extremely negative reactions”, and that their friends and family members would treat them differently. There is also a small portion of bisexual men said they remained closeted because they didn’t want to be labeled as gay or have their attraction to women disabled.

Anyway, the truth is there are still many bisexual men choose to be silent. “I would never tell anyone,” a member from our bi curious sites posted at our forum “I’ll go to my grave with this.” And many other members agreed with him. It is fucking hard to tell people you’re bisexuals sometimes. Women automatically assume you’re gay and men assume you’re straight. It can be very frustrating that people don’t trust you. So how can you expect more people to come out as bisexuals?