Are all women bi curious?

Are all women bi curious? This is often asked by men who are new to LGBT knowledge, especially bisexual related ones. Men are shocked about there are so many bi curious women compared with men. Some say that most women are either bisexuals, bi curious, or lesbians and there are no strictly straight women. 

Are all women bi curious?

The answer is absolutely not, but the truth is that there are many women curious about having sexual contact with another woman. If you are a woman, think about that whether you will get aroused by watching those seduced women with hot bodies. You will find it is right to say that 80% of women will show a biological response of sexual stimulation to images of women. It’s not a lesbian chat but a truth about heterosexual women.

Researchers have discovered that when it comes to what makes women tick, they are either bi curious or gay. Overall, 77 percent of participants were stimulated by both genders, with 65 percent of straight women responding favorably to both genders, but lesbians responded more positively to their preferred women. 

According to a psychologist at Boise State University, heterosexual women often feel more than friendliness toward other women. Moreover, the study conducted in California shows that 50 percent of heterosexual women have kissed a woman, 60 percent have fantasized about women, and 70 percent have indicated some sensual attraction toward women. The data shows that women are more likely to be attracted to other women. 

Suppose you go to a bisexual chat room or another bi curious related group on Reddit. You will also find out the similar result. In those singles and couples who have threesome or foursome swing experience, most women are happy to have sexual contact with other women, and they are not lesbians. A wife of the married couple would not reject licking another woman in an MFF threesome hookup. And it is the same in the group sex, such as a foursome swing

As bi curious women control their behavior subconsciously, they are unaware of it. Despite everything they do, this fact is buried so deeply within their unconscious that they can never even consider looking in another direction. As a result, they may vehemently protest against homosexuality or bisexuality. There is a strong social stigma associated with homosexuality that makes bisexuality challenging to locate. Therefore, even when they feel homosexual, some people continue to live heterosexual lives while secretly practicing homosexuality.

There is no clear statement that all women are bi curious; however, a few of them are bi curious is a natural and inherent trait, but society doesn’t allow them to express this trait openly and freely. 

What women do sexually is much more influenced by cultural as well as possibly economic and political factors. It is believed that the bi curious dating behavior is much higher in the U.S. than in any other country.

This situation could clearly have serious ramifications. It’s human nature, ambiguity makes us uncomfortable. In other words, anything unfamiliar to us turns into something demonic. In general, society denies bisexuality. In light of this, discussing bisexuality is blasphemous. If you refer to negative societal repercussions, the rational mind might try to avoid this reality. 

And those study about bi curious women only shows that a large percentage of women have the potential to be bisexual under a more supportive cultural environment in recent years. We’ve seen some similar things with men. Most Roman emperors were bisexual or homosexual in that cultural context for example. A lot of behavior in this area is determined by young adult experiences. 

It’s nothing important. If you are bi curious singles, just find more in the bisexual chat rooms. There are so many bisexual dating sites on which these bi curious singles can do bisexual chat and LGBT chat to know each other and they also engage in bi curious dating and lesbian dating.

Bisexuality checklist: Am I bisexual? | Bi curious Dating Site

bisexuality test

Have you been wondering about your sexuality a lot recently? Are you trying to figure out someone else is bisexual or not? You think you might be bisexual, or you are interested in dating a bi girl, so you turn to bi curious dating sites first. Now it’s time to look at the signs of female bisexuality.

As a girl, you watch lesbian porn as well and you want to have a try with another girl. It can’t indicate you are bisexual if the lesbian porn turns you on but you’d never want to try it in real life. However, there will be a high possibility you are a bisexual when you want to act on it rather than just watch it.

It’s normal for a straight girl to check out a man on the street. But when it is another woman you are checking out there, you might be a bisexual girl. There’s a difference between looking at other women and checking them out. Here the checking will be like the way for straight men doing so to a hot girl.

It’s another bisexuality sign when you date as a straight but is fantasizing about a woman. You have a boyfriend, but sometimes you are fantasizing about sex with another girl rather than your boyfriend or any other man. Yes. It means that you are sexually attracted to another girl, not the kind of appreciation of her good-looking. Then it will be one of the signs of bisexuality in females.

So whether you will accept a real sex experience with same-gender tells you a lot. If you leave it, you are straight. If you take it, you are probably bi. When bisexual couple looking for threesome partner, they may ask their friend. It may be not suitable for people at this stage to ask their friend to bed. Don’t worry, you can check people on bi curious dating sites. There should be a lot of people just like you who are eager to find out the answer to that question: Am I bisexual

If you feel all right to have sex with same gender as well and you are OK to try it a second time, then you are bisexual. Gay people usually have sex with their gender. And you are all right with all genders. 

Figuring out your orientation may be scary and stressful. You don’t have to be rush. But once you have found out your bisexuality, you don’t have to label yourself if you don’t feel well. There are a lot of people sharing their experiences at bisexual dating sites. It’s a good way to find some courage from people there. Be positive!


My First Time Girl to Girl Kiss

Do you remember your first time to kiss a same-gender? And how was your first time? Was it far beyond your expectation? Did everything just you hoped it would be? Was it amazing or just awkward? In that exact moment of your first kiss did you realize something that your never thought about yourself? We know many people at our bi curious dating sites realized that they are bisexual after kissing a same-gender. Since many girls were just like straight people who like hot guys in their previous years, and then they found that sometimes they really want to kiss a girl. Share your first kiss at our bi curious chat rooms with other members today!


For me it was amazing but awkward at the same time. I can remember clearly the first time when I kissed her. I remembered that I was so nervous. We met at our 15 years-old when her family just moved in our community and became our neighbors. The next day she came to my house and invited me to go to school together. Then we hung out all the time . Sometimes we even slept together. Actually both of us had boyfriends at that time. But I prefered to stay with her.

I was broken with my boyfriend not for too long after I knew her. She was with me at that night and comfort me all the night, but I was not sad. When I woke up the next day I saw her face and I really have an impulse to kiss her. But I know I shouldn’t and I made it. I know I like her after that morning and I kept this little secret in my heart since I don’t want to ruin our friendship. I liked her for over four years and she didn’t know about it.

It wasn’t until we were 20 and we were planning to go out to a bar, where I saw two girls kissing right there. I decided to come out to her with no hesitate. And I did it. She was the first person I told. I had so many emotions running through my mind. I was feared of that she would never talking to me again. To my surprise she was really cool with it. And she thought she liked me too. It was unbelievable and everthing just happened too fast. While I know that I must kiss her and we are really into that kiss that night. It was nice but kind of awkward at the same time.

That’s my First time story and wish to read your storys too. Come to share your stories at bi curious dating sites!

How to Do when Straight Girls Find themselves Love Girl on Girl Staff?

bi curious dating sitesHave you ever imagine to be involved in a girl to girl action, even you are just a straight girl? Believe it or not, there are many straight man and women who have had this fantasy on their mind, at least for once. Members at our bi curious dating sites have talked about this before. We would like to tell people that it’s quite normal for you to have that thought.

There is one condition that you maybe bi curious. Bi-curious is a person who wants to explore his or her sexual orientation with genders that he or she is not usually attracted to. Many straight men or women have at least a little interest in having gay or lesbian experience nowadays. You are just a new member of them. And the news has reported that more and more women are using bi curious sites. If you are curious, maybe you could have a try to make yourself no regret. We have heard at our bi curious chat rooms that many people have tried already.

While you have not to be worried about being bisexuals since absolutely not all of bi curious people will become bisexual. But they want to have an experience or romance with the same gender. The real you might be with a woman, but really into sucking dick every now and then. You can not be simply defined as bisexual like this. It is just for sex. People always want to have a good and fresh sex. That’s no fault and that not mean you are bisexual. That’s also why sometimes we have straight people registered at our bi curious dating sites.

The last thing you should be aware of is that “straight”, “lesbians“, “gays” are words we invented to describe a certain group of people. We are hearing those terms in our life from time to time. Then we start trying to fit ourselves into those words. While it is so hard to choose the right word to fit in sometimes since our emotions, nature and everything is so much more complex than that. You would find it much easier to live without thinking too much. Just terms, if it makes you hard, why should you be so serious about it? Forget about the label. Just be yourself!

Why more and more Women Would Like to Choose Bi curious websites?

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Except for bisexual dating sites, bi curious websites are attracting more and more users, especially female users. Why? Is it because there are more bi curious women than bi curious men? Or because bi curious sites are filled with many mysterious elements? Or else people are just scared of being identified as bisexual?

We grow up by hearing gays and lesbians, and sometimes bisexuals somewhere along the way. We start trying to fit the world into those descriptors. Unfortunately, everything, the world, the emotions, the sex and the nature are so much more complex than that. We want it easy desperately. And we don’t want to be labeled and live as hard as bisexuals. Yet they have urges to explore a relationship with another girl. That’s why they choose bi curious websites.

Another situation is that those women are truly bi curious women but not bisexuals. If bisexual is a sexual and emotional attraction to two genders, then bi curious women join bi curious sites only to explore same-sex experience. They want a bi curious chat and feel the different kiss, touch and intimacy. And sexual behaviors during the bi curious dating can’t define your sexual orientation.

Sexuality is a three-dimensional cube of multiple choices, and each representing one aspect of “sex”. Every point is the variable in infinite gradients and infinite choices based on environment, mood and other factors. Women are more emotional than men and they are more likely to pursue what they want deeply in their hearts. They will more likely be sexually attracted different genders at different times.

The modern society is more open than before, and we are more receptive to bisexual relationships and bisexual love. Compared to men, women will more likely to appreciate the beauty of the world, including another woman. Once they take action at bi curious dating sites or bi curious dating apps, they can be one of bi curious women who wish to explore bi curiosity.

What does it Mean when you Are Bi curious Women or Men?

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Have you ever been attracted to someone of the same gender? Don’t worry. It’s completely natural and acceptable to be bi curious and you can find many others at bi curious websites. There are two kinds of women who have crash on with other women: the bisexual women and the bi curious women.

Bi-curious means that you have a curiosity about bisexuals, while you have never had a bisexual experience and think you might like to try. Let’s admit that many of us girls, at least many members at our bi curious sites share the same thought about what it would be like to kiss another girl.

Hooking up with a female friend who enjoys women as well can be really exciting if both of you are well prepared to embark on it. Bisexuality obviously has its perks for some, and all the extra adventures can enhance your sex experience. But none of you have to be truly bisexual. You can be bi curious women only as well.

Some people get anxious about this when they found themselves maybe bi curious girls. They worry about being judged or labeled by others, and maybe even judging by themselves, but they don’t know. The questions we hear most frequently from women are, “Does this make me bi?” and “Am I supposed to come out of the closet now?”

Our bi curious websites want to let you know that you don’t have to label yourself as bi curious men or women. You have time and right to choose how you identify yourself, and with whom you want to share this information. If you try to kiss a girl, it doesn’t automatically make you lesbians or bisexual women, and nobody needs to know that you’re dipping your toes into girl-on-girl action — unless you want them to know. You’re in charge here.

Whatever you decide to do when you realize you are bi curious a decision only you can make. Embrace your womanhood and enjoy being the person you are, without feeling the need to label yourself to the rest of the world. We welcome everyone to our site for bi curious chat or dating.